Located in the financial district of Bogota. Close to restaurants, bars, designer boutiques and shopping malls.

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Twin Room

Room with 1 or 2 twin beds, your choice! These rooms are ideal for solo travelers or friends who want to share a room. See more >>

Queen Room

Room with one queen bed. If you need, you can request an additional twin bed. These rooms are ideal for couples, small families or lone travelers who want more space.. See more >>

Triple Room

Room with 3 twin beds or up to 6 bunk beds. These rooms are ideal for groups of friends or large families. See more >>

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Hotel Casona del Patio

Hotel Casona del Patio


Located in a safe and charming neighborhood of the Financial District of Bogota. Walking distance to a wide range of restaurantes, shopping centers, boutiques and public transportation.

Enjoy a professional, friendly and close service. See for yourself.


Airport-Hotel Transportation

We have a shuttle service to and from El Dorado International Airport and/or the Puente Aéreo. To coordinate this service send us an email here. Be sure to have your flight information, date and number of passengers. Someone will be waiting for you at the exit the internacional or domestic arrival gate, as it may apply. This service has an extra fee and it is provided by a local supplier that meets all the Colombian legislation . For further information or to book this service click here

You can also use Uber.com or Cabify.com Note that legislation about uber.com in Colombia is not yet clear. However, many of our guests use Uber without problems.

You may also order a taxi. In this case, for your safety, we recommend Airport approved taxis. At the exit of the internacional or domestic arrival you can request the service.

Finally, if you want to use public bus service in Bogotá, you should buy “Tu Llave” card. This card can be bought at the El Dorado International Airport and/or Puente Aereo but the hours of operation are limited. You can find instructions to reach the Hotel here.


Exchange Rate

At Hotel Casona del Patio we charge for all of our services in Colombian Pesos (COP). For Credit Card payments and/or money exchange, we charge the official rate established by the Colombian central bank. Near the Hotel there are several currency exchange offices. We invite you to use the service that suits you.


We have rooms specially designed to accommodate up to 6 people. For more information and group booking write us at reservas@lacasonadelpatio.net via mail, call us at +57.1.2128805 or through our Book button .

Private Bathrooms

All rooms have a private bathroom.


The Value Added Tax (IVA) in Colombian Hotels is 19%. Some foreigners are eligible for a VAT exemption. In order to be eligible for the exemption guests should:

  1. Guest must not reside in Colombia.
  2. Guest must not have Colombian nationality.
  3. Guests must not have dual citizenship with Colombia.
  4. During the last 365 days, the guest should not had been more than 179 days in Colombia.
  5. The benefit is just for Tourism Packages. This includes accommodation in the hotel and something more, whether breakfast, tours, etc. If the guest only pays for accommodation then you must pay the VAT .
  6. The purpose of the trip should be tourism. The entrance stamp in the passport indicates the purpose of the trip according to the information given to the immigration official at the airport.
  7. Colombian or foreign companies pay tax.

Disclaimer: The Hotel is not a financial adviser and therefore this document is not a recommendation. Not all hotels give these benefits to their guests. The law changes frequently so the guest must verify prior to the time of payment. We are not tax advisors, so you should not take this as tax advice.


We accept cancellations at no charge 24 hours prior to check-in except for group bookings.

Breakfast and Wi-Fi

All our rates include breakfast and Wi-Fi.


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