Many specialized websites have recommended to us things to do and sites to visit in Bogota. However, we took on the task of asking people on social networks (Bogota residents, tourists, and visitors) for reasons to visit Bogota. And this is what they said to us:

  1. “It is the city with the highest number of bicycle lanes in the world.”
  2. “The flowers arriving in Paloquemado, accompanied by a breakfast, is the most beautiful and fascinating experience.”
  3. “Monserrate, Guadalupe, and the Divine Child are unique places in the world.”
  4. “It is the city with the most ceramic brick buildings in the world.”
  5. “Within 30 minutes from Bogota there are natural reserves, salt cathedrals, and archaeological sites to visit.”
  6. “The gastronomic attractions are incredible … you can design a tour through the best restaurants – the more unusual, the more conceptual, the more innovative environments. There’s many types of international cuisine in one city. “
  7. “A city at 2600 meters above sea level in which physical activity predominates. There are sports parks everywhere with a variety of layouts.”
  8. “The Simon Bolivar Park is larger than Central Park in New York.”
  9. “The path of graffiti, Bogota is one of the cities with better urban art.”
  10. “Young and independent fashion destination (Darao Cardenas, The Backroom, Di Tea, Grey Bogota, Olga Piedrahita, etc.). It is well worth experiencing them. “
  11. “Bogota has among its towns the world’s largest paramo, Sumapaz, and others that surround it as Verjan and Chingaza (are the largest producers of fresh water).”
  12. “The Gold Museum with the world’s most important collection. It has 58 collections of all kinds: from costumes, to religious art, emeralds, modern art to the museum of garbage, among many others.”
  13. “The Astronomical Observatory is the oldest in Latin America.”
  14. “A tour on the Savannah train is one of the greatest ways to connect with Bogota and its surroundings.”
  15. “Bogota is considered the capital of business tourism and the conventions epicenter.”
  16. “Knowing Maloka fills the mind with knowledge; this is a place that is enjoyed by all the family.”
  17. “The nature and landscapes in Quebrada Vieja give another look to Bogota. Here, it’s easy to forget the concrete jungle and instead take a chance with nature and a wonderful view.”
  18. “The historical center and the Candelaria neighborhood have dream alleys and many activities to discover.”
  19. “Storytellers with different weekly themes bring laughter to youth and adults by telling their stories outdoors for voluntary contributions.”
  20. “There are flea markets in the center or in the south of the city that you can visit. You can find antiques, cloth, accessories, and curiosities at the same place.”

Do you want more reasons? Visit Bogota and discover them by yourself, and stay at a budget hotel by making your reservations here.


*Featured Image:  	Bogotá at night. Photo: Jorge Díaz - CC-BY-SA-3.0, vía Wikimedia Commons