We are not exaggerating when we say that drinking coffee in these places will be a completely different experience.

Although there are many coffee shops in Bogotá, few of them take into account all the details needed in order to enhance the flavor and properties of Colombian specialty coffees. A coffee expert knows that getting a good cup of coffee is a process that begins at planting and culminates when an expert prepares your drink properly. Below is a list of the places where you can have the best experience with the most consumed beverage in the world.

Azahar Coffee (See map)

Located in a small container a few blocks from Parque de la 93, every day a unique experience awaits at the hands of some of the best baristas in the country. This coffee shop has been characterized by its precise selection of special coffees from around the country. They do a selection process; testing and trying out various preparations in order to bring to your table a unique cup with well-defined characteristics.

Azahar exports Colombian coffee from small batches based on economic transparency and quality to ensure that importers, local consumers and toasters achieve long-term relationships with producers in Colombia. Desserts, chocolates, and biscuits are the perfect accompaniment for your drink and for having a good time. One thing to keep in mind – the last Saturday of each month at 10 am they offer completely free coffee tasting.

Devotion La Botica del Café (See Map)

This is undoubtedly one of the most important coffee shops in Bogotá. Located in the Hilton Hotel, this coffee shop offers the opportunity to enjoy 17 different types of bean coffee, including Boutique, Exotic, and Grand Cru, all which are grown and processed with superior quality standards. All these processes have led to this cafe positioning itself as the best in the world, according to the SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America. A visit you won’t regret!

Amor Perfecto (See Map)

This shop offers 100% Colombian special coffees. Among its achievements is the first place in the “2012 World Roasters Formosa Invitational Cup” and its latest award for Best World Espresso coffee. Amor Perfecto is one of the stores that has seen a huge growth in the country. Its baristas have been national champions on several occasions and have been enshrined as benchmarks of quality in special coffees in certain parts of the world.

Kiri Café (See Map)

This coffee shop specializes in offering a variety of special coffees and unconventional preparation methods. Over time, it has become recognized by coffee lovers and they recommend it as one of the best places to get premium coffees, roasted at the same place.

Among the different preparation methods, customers will find the Syphon, the Dripper, and the French Press – all very useful when trying to enjoy all the flavors of the varieties of beans.

Cafe Cultor (See Map)

This coffee is looking to give a special recognition to coffee farmers in the country. Each client has the opportunity to choose different methods of preparation. One of its main features is to provide incentives to farmers to improve their quality of life, and sustainable processes with the environment and society. A wonderful experience in a single cup.

On your next visit to Bogotá, do not miss the flavors and aromas of Colombian coffee. To stay in a budget hotel, make your reservation here.