This has become, in recent years, one of the most desirable alternatives for the citizens and foreigners every Wednesday.

The bicycle has become one of the options for enjoying Bogotá as a group. Every Wednesday, foreigners and locals, bicycle lovers, gather at the Calle 96 10-57 at 7 pm to explore the city, make new friends, and share with the family a high dose of exercise.

This initiative was born 8 years ago and over time, the number of people who gather to enjoy this experience has grown.

The event has been made known in social networks by the name of Ciclopaseos de los Miércoles. Its organizers prepare different routes each week in order to give the participants a variety of cultural, ecological, tourist and architectural sites. A touch of mystery and surprise is given by the fact of not knowing the route while you’re doing the trip. This is a good way to keep everyone interested.

For a great experience, it is good to follow these recommendations:

  • Hydration: Water or a sports drink is ideal for staying in top condition during the tour.
  • Appropriate clothing: Remember that in addition to doing sports, Bogotá is a cold city. Comfortable clothing that also helps to weigh the weather is the best option.
  • Zero Technological Connection: It is safer to handle than a mobile device and is the best way to enjoy the tour without distractions.
  • Sports Attitude: Having a positive attitude towards sports and enjoying the city will improve the experience.
  • Documentation: Do not forget your identification card, health insurance. It is always better to be forewarned.
  • Parts: you can have a flat tire; if you are ready for that eventuality, you will have no problem.
  • Security: Helmet, knee guards, and tools to protect yourself.

Remember that if you are visiting Bogotá, you can enjoy this activity and stay in a budget hotel by making your reservations here.