Bogotá is a city with a rural past, but his growth and evolution in some ways has deteriorated his nature. In response to this and following the global movement for a better environment to live, the city is betting in parks and gardens to recover his rural essence.

You can find all of this very close to our hotel. Parks, bike roads and the eastern hills are near by so you can get the chance to enjoy them.

First let’s talk about the parks, in the 72 street you can find Quinta Camacho. This is a passage fill with trees, seats and grass where workers from the area gather to take a break from his workdays.

Now, going south you can find El Parque de los Hippies or Hippie’s Park. This place is bigger than the last one and gets this particular name for the amount of college students who spent time there, they even choose the park to practice some artistic activities.

Besides, this natural zones are all connected by bike ways. Alternative transport is a way to help the environment that Bogota also support and going through the more important streets and roads of Chapinero this bike ways are a perfect help to move daily in a better form.

Lastly, the eastern hills surround the city and supply it with fresh air. In the recent time people have created natural trails that goes through the forest of this hills and serve as a tour so you can get to know waterfalls and viewpoints of the area.

This hills are pretty close to Casona del Patio, our hotel is placed in the 8th street so this put us just blocks away from the eastern hills. Therefore our location put you in first line to enjoy all the benefits of the ecological side of the city. Go out, take your time to enjoy the outside, take a trip in bicycle or even take a nap in a park so you can live Bogota in a healthy way.


*Featured Image:  	 Monserrate. Pedro Felipe - CC-BY-SA-3.0, vía Wikimedia Commons