Here in Casona del Patio we are constantly showing you the best places in town. It’s very important that you know and recognize the city that surrounds you. This would help your days here to be more productive and also to enjoy the things Bogota has to offer.

Precisely our hotel is placed in one of the most diverse localities in the city.

Chapinero is Bogota second locality so find a place of interest there is quite simple. In the first place pubs and theatres are the main thing to find. There are plenty of them so their prices and themes are pretty diverse.

But Chapinero isn’t just about party. Banks, offices and event centers transform this locality in one of the best financial spots of Bogota, that’s why is a pretty useful area for your job necessities.

Besides, Casona del Patio is placed between two important sectors of the city. Heading north and just a few minutes away you can find the most visited place for parties and shopping knowing as “Zona T”, this part of Bogota is one of the best meeting places for foreigners and locals.

Also if you go towards the south you will be in the historic center. A place that we been mention a lot because his notoriety and utility for the citizens lifestyle.

Chapinero is a busy place that offers solutions for all his visitors and makes for another example of the working and cheerful spirit that lives in Bogota. Come and discover Chapinero, explore Bogota.


*Featured Image:  	 Tequendamia  - CC-BY-SA-3.0, vía Wikimedia Commons