Monserrate hills has always been one of the most visited places of Bogota. It’s a frequent stop for our guests, because of this it’s necessary to discover what is so haunting about this place for travellers and citizens.

Any type of visitors can find interesting Monserrate because has so many things to offer.

The main aspect in this place is its spiritual vibe. Build as a temple and a church gathers hundreds of believers every Sunday. Surrounded by nature makes the perfect combination for a moment of peace and calmness.

On the other hand, the way up can be a very healthy activity. A stoned path through tents it’s the perfect option for the most proactive visitors.

However, there are others easier ways than walk. The funicular, a railway that goes through tunnels of rock and give you one of the nicest view of the city as you climb the hills of Monserrate. Another option it’s the cableway, elevated cabins that turn the thirty minutes walk in a ten minute placid trip.

Food also takes part of this traditional route. As you go up the hill you will find energetic snacks like the typical guava sweet or the Canelazo a hot drink made of hard liquor and cinnamon. In the top of the mountain you can also find fine local dishes like ajiaco or changua.

Monserrate remains as an important place because the natural beauty that surrounds it but also for the way that has evolved looking for the interest of his visitors. We invite you to follow the recommendations of our guests and enjoy the experience only this place can offer.


*Featured Image:  	 Monserrate. Pedro Felipe - CC-BY-SA-4.0, vía Wikimedia Commons